ABOUT 巴波重工

巴波重工| UZUMA HEAVY INDUSTRIESは旧「UZM Lab」を前身とし、高速流体関連装置の開発製作を行う架空の重工企業です。


UZUMA HEAVY INDUSTRIES is a company which provides compressive-fluid-related products. This website has information of our products such as "Exhaust Cannon", their working principles, conducted experiments, and reports of events which our products were exhibited.



The equipments intended in this website have safety only with the correct design, correct fabricating, and correct handling. However, they will occur fatal accident if we take incorrect procedures. And compressive fluid-related equipments especially have the greater risk of explosion, and it will harm not only us, but our surroundings. We shall not take responsibility even if you use this website as a reference, and it occurs any loss, damages and troubles. Please read this website on the basis of these cautions.